If you find yourself with a situation suspecting a battery, just checking voltage isn’t enough! Sure the battery can have the correct voltage but not enough cold cranking amps. Cranking Amps is the power the battery has to crank the engine, without this you can experience, slow cranking speeds, “clicking” When you try to start it

Use a good Battery Load tester to check batteries if it fails, charge it fully, let it rest an hour or so and retest if it fails the battery is bad.

Cheap windshield washer fluid. All washer fluid is Not the same

the “blue stuff” in the $ store Jas little or no ice protection and it will “gum up and nor destroy your washer pump

Don’t be fooled, go to the dealer and buy washer fluid it’s better. It’s cheaper than a new washer motor job.

NEVER try to open your power windows in the winter if there is Ice and or snow on them! This WILL either cause the window motor to become separated from the window, I could break the glass, and/or it will destroy or burn out the window motor. Defrost them COMPLETELY and then you can see through the window, no need to open it!

Windshield wipers

here too defrost completely, GENTLY lift and separate the wipers from the windshield or…the night before, lift your wipers up like in the video so they don’t freeze to the windshield, and don’t turn them on until the windshield is totally ice free. Operating the wipers over even a little ice will ruin the wiper blades. Just maybe a half an hour before you need to go, start the car defrost everything!! Save yourself $$$$ and aggravation of needing to now fix something that if you broke by not taking a few minutes extra to do.

Give your brakes a break

You depend on your brakes every time you drive your car. Have them inspected at least every 6 months or more often. Also the REAR brakes I see cars with destroyed rear brake calipers because they got ignored until the caliper pistons had extended so far trying to make up for brake pads that had work down to metal months ago, grinding, squealing, binding up, and actually throwing sparks!! When it gets to this point the cost is several times more than it would have been when just replacing pads as routine maintenance would have been, not to mention the SAFETY factor.