I offer a variety of services:

BRING your own parts, I will install most factory parts,

I don’t do nor recommend any modifications that are not factory, Sorry.

Computer Diagnostics: Retrieve stored codes, test, troubleshoot to locate root cause for check engine lights, drivability concerns. Starting $50.

Electrical diagnostics starting at $100 Harnesses, power windows and locks, blower motors, wiper motors, electric rear defroster, head lights,

I see this all the time one headlight out bring it to me I can fix it, and….its NOT always just a bulb.

brake/taillights horns, shorts, lighting, I disassemble, using wiring diagrams/schematics and test trace wiring circuits to locate source of problem.

Alternator/Battery, Starter diagnostics Sometimes it’s a dead battery cause someone left the lights on, or…a.parasitic draw issue (a very small drain on the battery due to a light that doesnt go out, or in CANN vehicles a module like the instrument panel or a door module wont go to “sleep” therefor always using battery power, other times the battery is bad or…alternator is bad. Either way I have the knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair those issues.

and analyzing. Load test battery to determine the batteries about to maintain a charge and it’s CCA (cold cranking amps) the strength a battery has to crank an engine in cold temperatures.

Alternator testing: Test alternator for proper output to power all vehicles FACTORY accessories.

Starter Draw Testing: Test vehicle starter while cranking to determine that the current the starter draws is within factory specifications.

Cooling system repairs: belts

/hoses, water pumps replacements.

Steering and suspension: Shocks, struts, ball joints, CV axles,

steering linkages, bushings speings replacement.

Brakes: Disk and drum replace Pads front or rear, Replace or resurface rotors replace calipers if necessary

Drum, replace wheel cylinders, wheel cylinders, Drums hardware, brake hoses

General repairs.

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