Services, No-Start Specialist!

Changing out ball joints, shocks and tie rods.

BRING your own parts, I will install most factory parts,Why do I prefer factory or factory equivalent parts? I have learned and it’s proven itself many times “you get what you pay for.” Factory parts ARE more $$, fact. But when you buy factory parts (from a dealer) you will get the upgraded design whether it’s a better mounting bracket, a better quality material, better hardware, whatever these upgrades came about through advancements in technology, and failures yes, failures due to original designs possibly failing or needing better changes the new dealer parts will have these upgrades, better sealers, gaskets, reinforcements, ect. Aftermarket parts in SOME cases are just fine but in most cases I like to use the best parts on your vehicle so you get the best quality I can provide.I don’t do nor recommend any modifications that are not factory, Sorry.Computer Diagnostics: No-Start issues are my specialty. Retrieve stored codes, test, troubleshoot to locate root cause for check engine lights, drivability concerns. Starting $50.
Electrical diagnostics Parasitic draw testing, (overnight or slow battery drain issues) starting at $100 for testing and diagnosis.Harnesses, power windows and locks, blower motors, wiper motors, electric rear defroster, head lights,

I see this all the time, one headlight out bring it to me I can fix it, and….its NOT always just a bulb.brake/taillights horns, shorts, lighting, I disassemble, using wiring diagrams/schematics and test trace wiring circuits to locate source of problem.
Alternator/Battery, Starter diagnostics Sometimes it’s a dead battery cause someone left the lights on, or…a.parasitic draw issue (a very small drain on the battery due to a light that doesnt go out, or in CANN vehicles a module like the instrument panel or a door module wont go to “sleep” therefor always using battery power, other times the battery is bad or…alternator is bad. Either way I have the knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair those issues.and analyzing. Load test battery to determine the batteries about to maintain a charge and it’s CCA (cold cranking amps) the strength a battery has to crank an engine in cold temperatures.
Alternator testing: Test alternator for proper output to power all vehicles FACTORY accessories.
Starter Draw Testing: Test vehicle starter while cranking to determine that the current the starter draws is within factory specifications.
Cooling system repairs: belts and hose replacements. pressurize system to locate small leaks safely and accurately.Found this with cooling system pressure tester safely, accuratelyFound this small hose leaking.Steering and suspension: Shocks, struts, ball joints, CV axles,steering linkages, bushings replacement.
Brakes: Disk and drum replace Pads front or rear, Replace or resurface rotors replace calipers if necessaryDrum, replace wheel cylinders, wheel cylinders, Drums hardware, brake hosesGeneral repairs