Lookin Around

I want to thank everyone, who while I had posted numerous, “new” locations, still was kind enough to call me. As many know I can no longer operate RandyZ Automotive from the garage of our home.

I am diligently searching local areas to relocate RandyZ Automotive to. My hope is to locate a shop where I can have a hoist, to expand my ability to be more productive, for you.

Please consider me for your auto repair needs, I will always provide affordable, honest, professional work for you.

Thank you, Randy

Here is my new business card, hope you like it. I’ll be handing these out to let everyone know about RandyZ Automotive. If you would like one I can send one through text or email or regular mail. Yes I know there’s no address, cause I had them made and was pretty confident I wS going to get this one location …but it fell through. So I had to white it out. I’ll post the new address and location when I get it next month.
Well with any good luck, this will be the site where RandyZ Automotive will relocate to. This location is on Steele St S. Just before the entrance to E. Hwy 512 and exit from 512 to Steele St S. Exactly which unit i will be in I haven’t been told yet, but just wanted to post a reference point for customers to find RandyZ Automotive.