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My services

Cooling system inspections and repairs water pumps, belts and hoses. Pressure testing protection level testing. 

Brakes inspection and repair/ replacement Master cylinders calipers, rotors, pads and shoes wheel cylinders.

Tune ups change plugs cap and rotor if applicable. 

Electrical work Lights, and  wiring work.

fuel injection service.

Alternators and Starters testing and replacement

Computer Diagnosis check codes and test systems 

Free Cooling system checks Through Nov 2017!

Winters' coming time to have your antifreeze tested and pressure test your cars cooling system for leaks, visual inspect your belts and hoses. Free through November 2017!

Free Battery and charging system checks

 For the month of November 2017 I am offering free battery and charging system checks!

 Without a battery no car can start. With all the accessories your car has  you need a battery with a lot of reserve capacity CCA Cold cranking Amps the amperage the battery has to start your engine in extremely cold temperatures. I can load test your battery and check the condition of your vehicles charging and starting systems. Bring your car in for this limited time FREE offer.

Answers and Information

  • Check your wipers now before the rain starts.

Never turn your wipers on if they are frozen to the glass. Completely defrost and if necessary, GENTLY lift the wipers from the glass and brush off the snow/ice.

What to do if your car won't start: 

Don't panic.

Does the engine still turn over when you turn the key? Well the battery and starter are still fine. Get some diagnostics to determine if the fuel and or ignition systems are functioning.

If the engine does NOT turn over when you try to start. turn on the headlights and see if they work, if not possibly the battery and or cables connections. Is there corrosion? Clean it carefully clean the post and terminals remember the negative is just a important as the positive. Any change? If now it starts get the battery and charging system checked. If not try getting a "jump" be careful to NOT get the cable crossed or connected backwards  positive on positive negative on negative on BOTH vehicles. If your car now starts again have your charging system (alternator) checked and battery if needed replace alternator and or battery.

  • If you see the TPMS light on your dash this winter don't panic. Cold air contracts and will set off the light. Simply inflate your tires to the specification on the door sticker or the sticker in the glove box. Do not inflate to the pressure on the tire. The tires need to be inflated when they are COLD meaning driven LESS than a mile so the air doesn't heat up inside the tire and give you a false reading