Electrical Troubleshooting

I repair lights, every day I see so many vehicles with lights not working, both headlight, tail, brake and turn signals. Bring your vehicle to me I’ll fix them at an affordable price.  It isn’t always a bulb, a non working head light can be: corrosion at the harness to light connections,  I have seen many GROUND issues,  it can be the head light switch with corrosion,  melted switch connector or…the switch it self.  Some vehicles manufacturer have FUSES for each side or each side and a FUSE for high and low beams.  Many vehicles also use a HEA DLIGHT RELAY. Either way I am well equipped and experienced to do any scenario.   Give me a call 253-359-8359 and let me fix your lights problem at a great price 



Electrical diagnostics Parasitic draw testing, (overnight or slow battery drain issues) starting at $100 for testing and diagnosis.

Electrical work/Troubleshooting

Got Hot
Troubleshooting I found this melted headlight connector on a Jeep Wrangler

If your car is having electrical issues: lights not working, heater fans not operating correctly, rear defrosters, power window and power locks not working, I do this type of work. I use wiring schematics and diagrams to see the affected circuit(s) and know what wires go where. I isolate the affected system and repair the wire(s) or harness. I do not work on any aftermarket wiring or modification that is not factory due to wiring diagrams only cover factory circuits .