Because I’m having such a difficult time locating a suitable affordable shop to serve you. I’m almost forced to start offering MOBILE services. I’ll no longer do brakes ect because I don’t have a shop. I’ll leave those tasks to others, and pray they do the job for you like I would.

Instead I’ll be shifting gears and only doing Electrical troubleshooting and diagnostics. Specializing in NO-START diagnostics and repairs. Parasitic (meaning very very small) drains on your battery that keep your vehicle from starting due to a dead battery.

NOT just any “mechanic” can do #parasiticdraw diagnostics, testing, troubleshooting and repairs. Most have no idea what it even is.

Alternators and starters diagnostics and troubleshooting for #charging and #starting system issues.

Call me #253-359-8359 I work a full time day job elsewhere and only open #RandyZAutomotive after work and on weekends

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