OK….The parts store pulled my codes, so Now what?

Hmmmmm? So you, like so many others have done, YOU PANICKED when your #CHECK ENGINE LIGHT Came on, right? Then almost instantly you found the first #auto #parts store to have them”#diagnose” the #evil light” Admit it many others have done the exact same thing, it’s ok.

The problem with this is….the counter person that helped you #retreive the codes! As you stand there, biting your nails, and trembling in terror, awaiting the answer.

Finally…the clerk tells you….its ONLY AN OXYGEN SENSOR. Now you say “is that bad?” You are now in full panic stricken mode. As you are told “No its an easy fix” PHEW! Now comes the question that should not be/ have been said. “#DO YOU CARRY THEM????

Well of course they do. Now armed with the ALLEGED bad part, and the “diagnostic” print out. Off you go. Now either someone in the family, maybe a handy neighbor helps you out installing the ALLEGED failed part. But…OMG!! the damn light is still on!! Back to panic mode and back to the parts store you go, nearly ripping the door off the hinges. Hyperventilating you scan the store for “THEM”. The employee who “diagnosed” your car. Grabbing them by the ear….you drag them out to your car, the one with the #CHECK ENGINE light glowing brightly. You wanna choke them WTF!!! You Said this was the problem LOOK!! look at that f light. They tell you oh, sorry Now you contemplate choking them. Until they say all we need to do is #clearthecodes from the computer memory.

Ok no choking not yet, they use the same “#diagnosticthing and a few button presses and….voila the light is gone. But for how long??

Ok disaster averted home you go, naive, unknowing. Feeling confident you’ve beat that damn light. Over the next day or so…you drive normally, then one day you start the car and……NOOOOOOOO its THE LIGHT.

Ok heres what happened. 1st. You had the WRONG PERSON, “DIAGNOSE” your issue.

2nd. You bought the “fix”

3rd. You didn’t know and that person at the auto parts store IS NOT IN ANY WAY A QUALIFIED AUTO DIAGNOSTICS TECHNICIAN. But they did their job.

100s of times I’ve seen this exact scenario. The fact is: very very few #oxygensensors are actually “bad”

The truth is: so many supposedly failed O2 sensors is actually a problem in the engine. WHAT??? Yea a vacuum leak, a bad fuel injector, the WRONG spark plugs (ALWAYS use genuine factory plugs) you don’t need to go to the dealer just insist on them at your parts store DO NOT ACCEPT SUBSTITUTES. A cylinder thats weak and not contributing its share of power. Any ignition failure that causes a rise in Hydrocarbons, will ALL make an # INEXPERIENCED tech, mechanic to be fooled into thinking an #02SENSOR is bad.

So the $$$you saved at #thepartsstore you’ll surly pay for where you should have started, an experienced diagnostics shop like RANDYZ AUTOMOTIVE or others.


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