OBD II Engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes | Full Complete List.

Ok the parts store pulled your codes so…..now what?

You are NOT a school trained auto technician with a shop full of tools and diagnostics equipment or years of automotive repair and diagnostics experience. So now what? Ok now you know the codes that turned on the check or service engine soon light. BIG DEAL it’s the same as being put in the space shuttle and told you are on your own, go into outer space and back, “see ya when ya get back, bye” you have no idea whatsoever what to do to diagnose those codes. I’ve seen it so many times a code for an O2 sensor pops up say P0172 OMG! “What’s that mean?” The parts store CLERK might say oh your oxygen sensor is reading lean the key word here is READING yes reading thats what it’s supposed to do.

I am not saying don’t try to fix your own car, I’m just saying make sure you know what you’re getting into. There is a #POINT OF NO RETURN when you are fixing your car.

Neither one of you knowing what to do, you ask “well do you carry these?” Yes so on in the store you go. You buy an O2 sensor but now what? Do you know how and have the tools to change it, do you know where it is in the car? If not now you start your research which is something you should have done BEFORE you bought the sensor. Research the code and what conditions have to happen to SET the code and possible causes for the code. Do O2 sensors go bad? Well of course but if the code is a “O2 sensor lean bank 1 or 2 or whatever the sensor is reading the exhaust and its whats in the exhaust that the sensor “sees” and that is what it’s supposed to be doing.

I used the #O2 sensor in my post because it is one of the most common codes that cause grief. Ok….so you can’t change the sensor yourself, in your research did you learn anything about what causes the O2 sensor to read how it does? Now who can change the sensor? Your neighbor? Family member? Friend? So say you DO find someone to change the sensor, NOW WHAT? OMG the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS STILL ON… Panic!!! In some cases after the correct repair after completing the proper #drivecycle (a subject for a whole other rant) the #check engine light may go out on it’s own after certain criteria are met when the vehicles #PCM does it’s checks. And….sometimes NOT someone will need to manually turn off the check engine light but they should NOT until they #verify that the newly replaced O2 sensor is functioning/ switching correctly and without a proper scantool than has the capabilities you can’t do this. A #code reader (like the one the #parts store used to pull your codes) will not do it. Ok… more later but you get the idea, NEVER replace a part based on just the code there’s a reason the code #SET. and Proper professional diagnostics will find it

Source: FULL LIST OF OBD II CODES 1996 AND NEWER – FreeAutoMechanic

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