Cheap parts vs. Factory parts

I know $$ is tight but I hear a lot “It’s only my work car” or “parts are parts” So Not true. With auto parts price does matter. You need brakes, go to the local parts store they give you options economy $ “middle of the road” grade, Premium or gold or whatever. Most will choose economy. Poor choice in most cases. With brake pads/shoes/calipers, wheel cylinders. The “cheap” stuff is exactly that even though all brake parts MUST meet certain federal safety standards they are still a far cry from factory dealer grade quality!! Factory or “dealer” parts have been proven to be far superior to even the best aftermarket parts and often are less $$ than them too. Dealer parts are always upgraded to the latest quality and come with all clips, shims, hardware ect. And….they fit correctly, wear better, and last longer than aftermarket parts. So…before you “Cheap out” on your cars parts think about it.

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