Don’t Panic!!

If your #checkenginelight comes on, relax if any symptoms accompany it remember them and call me 252-691-6155

Your check light does NOT NOT NOT MEAN YOU NEED AN OIL CHANGE! Something within your vehicles computer system detected something that will affect the vehicles emission system. That’s all. A misfire, bad spark plug, bad coil, vacuum leak, exhaust leak, sensor failure and the list goes on. Too many drivers go to a parts store and have the code checked, ok no problem. But so often if the code is an O2 oxygen sensor lean/rich the uneducated public immediately asks ” do you carry one?” Of course they say. But 99 times out of 100 its NOT the oxygen sensor itself, it’s something else that caused a change in exhaust gasses that the #oxygensensor picked up. Just changing the oxygen sensor(s) will NOT fix the issue.

Proper in-depth #diagnostics will identify the #rootcause for what happened. I can do this type of diagnostics. $50

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