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Electrical repair and troubleshooting

Do have headlights that sometimes don't work on one side, our both sides? Car won't start,  windshield wipers not working turn signals and brake lights I can fix these items and more give  me a call. 

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Winter prep deals

 I sell BG professional grade maintenance and performance products. 

 BG 44K the best fuel system additive available restores performance and cleans intake system BG cooling system sealer excellent sealer for all cooling systems.

BG Fuel line drier and antifreeze keeps moisture out of your fuel system better starting and reduces fuel line freezing due to condensation. Many more products to list that will prolong the life of your vehicle contact me for more details.

Christmas schedule

I will closed from Dec 23-Dec 27 for Christmas thank you to everyone.  Have a wonderful, safe happy Christmas holiday

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How and Why we do it

Corroded battery terminals

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to long life of your vehicle. Brake inspections, battery and charging system, Inspect CV axles for torn boots and leaking grease. Air filters, cabin filters, wipers and washers. Cooling system, radiators, water pumps, hoses and belts, power steering systems, shocks and struts check for leaking and condition. 

I csrry BG battery service and maintenance products. Corrosion dissolver, terminal protection additive and corrosion preventative products to keep your battery corrosion free, this is part of regulsr maintenance to kerp yiur vehicle in top condition and ready all year long! 

Small but effective


Military family owned Veteran owned business.
   Currently working in my home shop  after my full time job as a military vehicle mechanic for Army Special Operations. I really enjoy working on cars,  I have 36+ years of experience, I do Shocks and struts, CV Axle replacement, Brakes, Computer Diagnostics. Tune- Ups, radiiaor replacements, Starter and alternstor replacement and testing. Electrical work, Fuel injection repair Steering and more! Water pumps, Power Steering pumps, Batteries, and more 

Parts and Labor

 Free estimates I always provide free phone estimstes for repairs, call snytime. 

My labor rates are low currently $50/hr for labor and $40 for computer diagnostics. I offer the option of bringing your parts you have purchased and I will install them for you or I can supply the parts. I have OE quality aftermarket parts available to me as well as OE parts.